The “Egyptian” “Moderate” Islam


When I read the newspapers spreading the “Halal scare” here in UK and how it threatened the British Way of Life; I thought it would be quite understandable how matters could be interpreted as such. Yet when the somewhat helpful vote of parliament ruled out any need for Halal labelling as demanded by the far right to monitor this “insidious slaughter”; it seemed that to Britain as a nation, multiculturalism is a great deal.

On the other hand, through the looking glass to my home country Egypt, I see all sorts of “Islamophobia” disguised. Most of the time when faith and freedom clash; it heavily involves politics. This time, the Egyptian people have chosen to believe that it was patriotic to condemn, criminalize and collaboratively kill an opposition. They made it legal to track down any form of “Islamism”, never to be allowed to be of the political party…

When belly dancing at a voting poll is “lovely moderate Islam”, and holding up four fingers is terrorism, I fear we are getting closer to the “Hunger Games” scenario, only that’s one finger short.

The whole concept of Moderate Muslims is ever so subjective, described by many of the Western world as a myth; whether that be as an objection to extremist practices, or whether it be Muslims with wider understanding of the meaning of One God, One Quran and One Religion. Islam ultimately to its believers should only branded as “the middle nation” as in Surat al-Baqarah, not that there could be an Islam at two ends of a spectrum. If we were to relate to faith we should ignore the failures of ill-practicing followers.

When it comes to these children in the photo above; “No child is born a racist”; yet the problem with this appalling picture is that I can’t even label it as “racist” or “sectarian”. It is the crisis of such collective intolerance that may doom the entire nation as the unjust biblical nations as received by us in the Quran. And it is the satire of the marks of Sunnah that shapes the divided Ummah.

While most Egyptians now are divided as if by the irrelevancy of pro or anti Morsi; it seems unlikely for the logical few to defend the very principles of human rights. Louder voices say that human rights cannot be guaranteed as a priority in the “War on Terrorism”, while other voices are shut behind bars for the very least of humanitarian demands.

I hate to dwell in the past; calling on how what goes around comes around, but I sure hate to witness such a haunted gathering so blood thirsty in the name of the Red, White and Black.


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