The Black Pearl & The Black Stone


This week only I saw two photos of celebrity Muslimahs in Mecca. Both of whom wore a simple black abaya with the background of the great black Kaabah. Both looked as unremarkable as ever; no makeup, no bright bling, plain picture of purity…

Then it hit me, of how hijab is truly meant to be. I cannot deny that I for myself remain on route to such an ideal, far from there; yet is the spiritual uplift of how modesty transformed these women to match this holy place.

It is not merely just this outer layer that communicates how we interact with the sacredness of the location, yet at many times we find ourselves in an out-of-worldly experience that influences our actions and sayings ; an awaking.

Though the journey to Makkah whether for Umrah or Hajj remains a few days of mostly well set priorities, we come down back to our old deeds… much of resolutions forgone or forgotten. Let this be a reminder before a holy month of Ramadan, may Allah grant us attending and achieving this month with acceptance, for it is not the time or place that should ever change our hearts to the most gracious most merciful one God.

oh Lord, Changer of hearts, fasten our hearts to your faith


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