Hate Crimes


The past month or so has been witness to a number of crises against women; most of which “Islamism” is there to blame. One of which I confidently condemn with all my heart, the stoning of the Pakistani daughter by none other than her father,  murdering her and her unborn child.

I am definitely not a scholar, and cannot go issuing a fatwa on the matter,  yet it seems disheartening to call this an “honor killing”. Though the necessity of the father’s approval to his daughter’s marriage is pivitol to the matrimonial process in most Mathaheb; the lack of approval should not leave the marriage void in that followed by Pakistan. Nonetheless, it is the bloody society that acknowledged the father’s doing that is not too distant from the female burials in the pre-Islamic Arab Peninsula.

The second story is much of a grey area, as a Sudanese woman is sentenced to death for apostasy and adultery, with the claim of leaving Islam to marry a man of Christian faith. Though the counter claims and defence are long and unclear; both stories have struck collectively the human rights watch and feminist activists. And even though “Mariam” was finally released yesterday, as to per a legal loophole as described by some; she was yet again arrested along with her family at attempt to leave the country. Politicians around the world felt it fair to criticise these “barbaric” laws to their wordings.

Closer to home; a woman was sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square, Egypt. The timing of the attack and the gruesomely shared footage came as a shock to a majority who had chosen silence for all too long. The stigma that had once lied with the victim was now banished in a political press release of flowery flavour; all the better to profit from the situation, while others turned cynical to prove how safe and sacred their stand-ins were.

And much closer to my second home, a headline of “Student Killed For Being Muslim” didn’t have as much of an echo. In fact, some media official felt it “awkward” for the police to investigate the hate crime as a valid line of inquiry. The 30 year old “visibly Muslim”, abaya wearing woman was too culturally critical for the news.

Now, the critical point where public figures denounce all above acts may somewhat strike an imbalance; a conflict of interest… it may be convenient to apologise to the rape victim; whilst claims everyday of sexual abuse of political detainees are resounding. It may be acceptable to point out faults wrongly linked to Islam due to some extreme practices; yet it is wise to cover up news of a murder that might show extremism against Muslims. Such dilemmas are always brought to surface in an Islamophobic light…

Concerns as a mother are paramount; as I hope and pray to raise my son a proud Muslim, peacefully coexisting with diversity without ever misrepresenting his religion or shunning from it.


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