Ramadan Reflection


Having been exempt from fasting the last couple of Ramadans, I have such a renewed spiritual reach as if it were my first holy month. Being that I’m in my off-days matters are only getting more emotional as the first sunset announces the night. Yet I pray it be a blessed month,  productive, prosperous and pure intentions. Here might be a few reflections I wish to share.

1. My purpose
It would be to worship Allah as He SWT pleases in the holy month he pleases; not to worship Ramadan and forget afterwards as it has happened before. Prayer, Quran, Charity and Fasting with “ikhlaas” InshaAllah, Allah help us and permit.

2. My family
Is not a distraction from ibadah but rather a means to great good deeds. Playing with my tot, cooking for hubby or even changing a nappy could be set as a “hasana”.

3. My community
Just because I am not in a Muslim country doesn’t mean I should give up the collective spirit of Ramadan. The local mosque, Muslim friends and non-Muslim neighbours can be part of the celebration and dawah.

Starting the moon as if it were my first, ending it as if it were my last. I pray that we emerge from these 30 nights enlightened  and forgiven… Ramadan Mubarak


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