A Mummy’s Ramadan


Dear new mummys out there, don’t let the worrying whispers of shaitan get you this Ramadan;

You may not be able to fast the whole 30 days (or even one); yet you can always be grateful for the Most Merciful for allowing you to abstain from the fast. Don’t feel them as “off days” whether it’s only fast or even also prayer, for you could always hold the good intention of raising that little one in your womb or in your arms; and be truly thankful for the blessing bestowed upon you without your power.

You may not attend the taraweeh at the mosque the whole 30 nights (or even one) with your hands full with a little one. Yet don’t fall off the spiritual stairway as Allah the All Hearing the All Seeing knows your supplications and prayers wherever room you may be.

You may miss out on volunteer work of making meals for Iftar at the place where you used to go, yet you could always cook for your family and send out a meal; it is indeed a good deed.

You may spend more time than you ment fussing over toddler food or cleaning up after a little accident or a toy hurricane; but remember if you have food, shelter

Through the sound of Quran, the lights of midnight prayer and the hand of charity;  let it be a hidden motive for that little one watching,  as children see, children do; it is not reyaa’ , it is as much as you care to teach their minds, try to reach for their souls. Along the month, always ask Allah for acceptance, forgiveness and strength,  knowing that only Him we pray to, only Him we seek help from.

No matter how small the act or how small the person you care for; you may well break the habit with sincerity; motherhood can be literally truly rewarding.

picture taken from Ramadan Moon illustrations by Shirin Adl
special thanks to sister Hosai Mojaddidi for her inspiring Facebook post


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