I have thought about this long and hard;  I choose to remain silent no more… the atrocities of a war just creap into our daily routine that somehow we forget to care. But this is a crime in itself. For many the motive of supporting Gaza is seen as merely a “Muslim issue”; down toning the brave acts of rebellion against the war, and reflecting an underlying accusation of “anti-semitism”.

Let’s face it,  this is NOT just a Muslim brethren issue, it’s a matter of humanity.  As much as I stand firmly against the genocide brewed by ISIS against Christian communities of Iraq. Unfortunately, for some it is about taking sides; forgetting about the sacredness of life. In this polarised support for a cause; I found my Christian Facebook “friend” commenting on the ISIS crimes in a collective hate manner, concluding that ‘this is why ALL Muslims shall end up in Hell’… though it is her freedom of ideology to hold such a belief, it hurts the fact that she has grown with a Muslim community only to be prejudice ever more.

Furthermore, the very agitated world which takes any condemnation of Israel actions as antisemitism is simply misguided. I for one am against Zionist apartheid, the illegal settlements creeping onto free land; saddened by the silence of the UN towards it all, finally merely verbally condemning the shelling of their schools; while their officials genuinely burst into tears from what they have witnessed, grown men scarred with nightmares of bloody chalkboards. At the very same time I respect Jews and disagree with the collective punishment of their community. Many Jews around the world are pro-peace, standing side by side against the atrocities shouting “not in my name”, author Naomi Wolf being one. Yet her patriotism and loyalty are in question by a Rabbi. A British friend of mine put it all too well “this is all OUR mistake (Britain) for handing them over the Palestinian land. We felt too guilty about the Holocaust but only created a new one” and BTW , my friend is not Muslim.

It is a heartbreaking feeling to see and hear of 420 children killed in Gaza; whilst Obama poorly worded grammar blames the same side twice “We believe in Israel’s right to defend its people; on the other hand, Hamas hides rockets too close to homes bringing death to civilians” how on earth is that a contrasting situation?! Mind you I am not pro-Hamas per se; I only believe that a blockaded strip of occupied people just might have a right for resistance! My sympathies with the 7 civilian Israeli victims, and with the 1500 civilian Palestinian victims… numbers say it all, right? War, I wish, is not the answer; and there were times in a close turn of the century when Jerusalem housed the three religions coexisting. It is my frustration that I no longer know how to teach my child about this world, how to make this world a better place. And it is my fear that in such an injustice of the political ground, we lose faith in the peace envoys; we can only prepare ourselves for the most radical of groups… we are creating monsters.

*A prayer for the mothers, the fathers and the orphans


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