Annihilation Anniversary

First and foremost, Rabaa was a massacre. If I have for some reason offended your reasoning, you may kindly quit reading on. But for those who may not know me;  or don’t truly wish to fully know me and what I stand for, an introduction is due.

I have never been “Pro-Morsi” per-se, in fact I voted for him only in round two, avoiding the other candidate who had once insulted the demands of the free revolution of 25th Jan adding “give them Bonbons”… pretty much like Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake”! Moreover,  the time Morsi was in office I was first to lash constructive criticism; through a wide group of polarised Egyptians under the name of religion, I hated the fact they chose “people of trust” over “people of expertise” in their cabinet; and watched angrily the violation of freedom of speech and the bloody violence of Itihadeya. I genuinely believed this was beyond poor management;  but as democracy states I thought these 4 years term shall pass… Alas, the people seem to have spoken;  or did they?

The 30th June Revolution seemed too “good” to be true for those who supported it; indeed it was. Again I highlight the fact that I refused to take part in the “Rebel” movement.  It sadly seemed we were back to square ZERO, not “one” but “zero”, falling in the arms of a military rule, perhaps a people backed “coup d’etat”.

Turn back the pages of history to the days of Abdel Nasser, the people was young, romantic and naive… but what about now? I’d like to describe it as a midlife crisis. Somehow all those nostalgic to the days of socialist 60s managed to erase from their memories all incidents of the fascist rule, propaganda media and lack of speech (let alone freedom of it).

Today, the fruits of that polarised nation is most bitter; in the aftermath of an undeniable unjustified massacre of a sit-in dispersed. The throwback comes in three tinted glasses. First, rosey glasses see that Rabaa disperse was a victory for the sovereignty of state, an end to terrorist territory. Let me add that glasses are not rose red, but blood red, justifying murder by numbers. Second, yellow tinted glasses, holding up signs of four fingers, killed, tortured and jailed for it! Seems rather “Hunger Games” scenario only plus one finger. Deluded as some may seem calling for Morsi’s return in a saintly manner, it remains their right to have expressed their views in an arguably peaceful sit-in.

Third and most “objective” in a sense were shades seeing through the critical performance of the Muslim Brotherhood party in government, minus any calls for annihilation. This view has been recently concluded with a Human Rights Watch report, detailing the atrocities of this day in history, this crime against humanity. Over eight hundred protesters killed, as opposed to eight armed officials. Real people, real faces, real families torn and mourn. A mother to be, first time fathers, a young daughter, and friends of friends.

What seems most ironic is the response to the report, the official response. The logic behind it fails to be distinct from that of a three year old in a nursery quarrel. The government denied entry of any HRW staff afterwards, complaining about the biases of the report not showing numbers of soldiers and police killed in this fight on terrorism. Sissi-Supporters picked the hype attacking HRW for their grudge against Egypt whilst failing to report on crimes against humanity in Iraq, Sudan, Gaza, and the U.S. Little do these misinformed supporters know, in an internet age, a quick browse of shows all headlines of objectively monitored human rights threats and violations acrosd the globe; including those by Muslim Brotherhood in power leading up to the crackdown. Denial and personal attack on the report doesn’t seem to bring us to an alternate reality where these people weren’t slaughtered, when this blood wasn’t shed. There is still the question of arms held in the square, which indeed required intervention, arrests and perhaps two sided shootings. The state is ordered self-restrain at all times, yet a 1 to 100 death count does strike a grave imbalance I presume. But in a nation where a judge issues a mass death sentence at court in three minutes, mass murder off court is a given.

In the meantime, the conspiracy theory has taken a whole new level of absurdity; everyone is out to get you, they want to destroy Egypt. Newsflash, the world is far too busy being unjust to a whole load of nations struck with epidemic or apartheid to be concerned with “Omm elDonia”! And at the very same time, you’ll find quotes from the global leaders supporting hard choices when it comes to national security. Mind you, that infamous quote by David Cameron about forgetting human rights in the face of UK’s national security? Never been said, misinterpreted and lost in translation! The guy was talking about a specific incident of using CCTV footage to identify looters and bring them to justice. Besides, this benchmark for brutality is the best excuse for tyranny.

In conclusion, as much as in beginning, Rabaa was and still is a massacre by definition. Beware of the prayer of the oppressed.


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