Our Three Winners

I woke up to the news of a heinous crime, a true terror,  not technically on the news; but through a hashtag. Three young lives taken out of hatred and radical extremism; a punch line most usually ending with an “Islamist Attack”, yet this time the victims were Muslim, the extremist an alleged atheist.

It shows how far we have proven that terrorism has no religion, no stereotypes,  no public condemnations;  in fact I respect the moderate atheists and Richard Dawkins who have swiftly and sympathetically denounced the crime and distanced their beliefs from the murderer. Yet turn to mainstream media; the silence is defeaning. The call to coexist may seem well overrated when its a Muslim at the other end of the gun. The MP letters to fight radicalisation at the core won’t be finding their ways across communities as they had once reached mosques. And the public may well not hear about this as the word dies out as it had done before.

I am not one to draw comparisons,  nor do I selectively value life based on race or religion; yet clearly this is how the world works. This is as much as terrorism as the Paris attacks to put things in perspective,  and just as cold blooded. I hadn’t had the heart to right about it then, but sure did I sincerely condemn the attack on my personal account, declared that it was not in my name and reached to my friends of different faiths to clarify the true meaning of Peace in Islam. Yet somehow the media didn’t think it was enough, when Murdoch demanded that “Moslems” should apologise!!! We kept rightly reminded of the attack and its aftermath by the full mews coverage,  which was fine; really it was.

But today, there’s not as much mention of Chapel Hill in most top broadcasting services, while those who did cover the news use wording to down tone the killing into death. Well, thank God for social media, we make the news now. We shall be heard.

With all this said, I hold no anger in my heart, it is more of a longing for justice in an unjust lens. The media may well have an agenda to highlight some cases and lend a blind eye to others, but to me they are ALL equally crimes against humanity.

This may have turned into a dark post on an otherwise envisioned light-reading mummy blog; yet it is in the darkest of night that the light of dawn awakes. As a mother, I had to shed the light on this act with all its bigotry to teach my children on good and evil, may they bring more good to this world.

Finally,  what I really wish to do is celebrate the life of this beautiful little young family; the newlyweds and new graduate bridesmaid,  the glowing sisters and the charitable basketball fan, the friendly colleagues at uni who shall be missed by everyone whom their lives touched. They won’t be forgotten and their young legacy lives on. To Deah, Yusor and Razan; may Allah grant you Paradise,  and may your families friends and all of us find patience and peace.


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