Terrible Twos: A Walkthrough


Alhamdulillah, with God’s grace, I have braved through two years of motherhood… It’s totally another-hood. An emotional rollercoaster of happiness and gratitude, mixed a little with some self doubt and “moments”… There were those times when I couldn’t really tell which one of us was having the tantrum, and then realised for all it was worth, I’m the one who started it. I must say, before being a mum, I had always secretly thought ” toddler tantrums” were overrated… I had to learn the hard way.

The stress of caring for a young person can be overbearing, but so is the joy. In retrospect of those couple years of change, I found myself fearing that very thing; “change”! Although it is as one quote puts as being the only constant, change is the very challenge of parenting. As a mum, I had to change, and so does my son as each day goes by. His likes, dislikes, pet peeves, tantrum triggers, giggle givers are shifting through his journey to exploring. Of course I might have claimed to be flexible in a job interview, only this job had none. But really, this is exactly what I am learning to be, flexible with my time, my expectations and my priorities.

Those spiralling senses of stress elevated mostly when I felt down to begin with, and it was contagious. If I didn’t give him that loving caring unconditional smile his mood would turn into a winy one. As I listen to advice from miracle mummies who’ve been through it all, I learn to enjoy every moment for what it is, a blessing. Even when the screams kick in, I simply put myself in his little shoes and imagine his frustration, even if it was because he wanted to reach for those shiny scissors and I denied him that “toy”. I envision the baby steps to big boy pants one potty trip at a time, explaining each icky accident and how to avoid it. Instead of frantically fearing failed attempts, I hope to focus on those little mummy milestones along the way. Cutting down screen time from mobile or TV has proven a golden advice I promise to try and stick to, it takes a lot of the stress off with the elusion of multitasking once I give undivided attention as a hands-free mum. I try to loosen up, enjoy the ride while keeping my eyes on what really matters of the road. And whenever duties get dreary, there’s always time for a hug.


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