SISTERS Magazine: Reader’s Review


I had heard about it first from friends with “Likes” of the Facebook page. As an automatic response to social media peers, I “liked” it too, but then began my brilliantly bibliotherapeutic experience.

The name SISTERS captures the essence of the pages, as it feels most like a delightful tea party with sisters chit chat, only very interesting and intellectual. The closeness of a spiritual sisterhood is clearly what I felt, as the common grounds of Islam unite readers and writers together through the celebrated diversity of cultures and backgrounds. The words of the talented authors ring honest and true as a wide variety of topics are unraveled.

The articles are balanced between current trends and everlasting themes, all in an engaging outline for each issue. Family, Lifestyle and Voices are but a few of the subcategories that unfold into topics to appeal to almost all sisters interests. And each writer’s short bio gives a beautiful sense of  acquaintance with the person behind the lines, building further introduction to this literary bond. Reading through the pages, I have come through helpful tips, life changing experiences, and dwelling debates from my sister’s lips. It even somehow boosted my confidence in writing, although I remain modest, but it is that “similar to me” effect of each written word which makes it relatable and extremely relevant.

Pointing out pressing matters are presented in the light of the faith of Islam, with authentic quotes and expert advice across politics and parenting. It brands Islam for what we truly know it to be, a holistic approach to life that is both modern and moderate. Speaking of which, it’s also nice to see that business branding is in no way overflowing the pages, with only a few ads to the target market.  It cuts through the stereotype of Muslim women to an empowered stance of Muslim feminism, where food and fashion are just the tip of the iceberg. With a monthly book review, the magazine guided me to increase my library shelf space with recommendations I am proud to pass on.

There are many ways to find SISTERS, whether through online excerpts, subscribing to the e-version to your iPad or tablet, or having it sent to your doorstep. Since I remain a bit “old-school”, I’m enjoying the printed pages with their glossy feel and no battery life boundaries. You can browse through all the details on their website link below. I would highly recommend it to all my sisters, in your monthly dose of Muslimah reads.


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