Day3: My Deer ((5Days 5Photos Challenge))


My deer you may be different
As white as winter snow…
My deer they’ll treat you different
And in a way that’ll show…
Some people will take photos
In wonder and in awe…
But deer will just see ‘different’
Is a threat to all they know…

To stand out in the herd
If danger lurks below…
In the shade of golden brown
You will shine and you will glow…
But to every story, perception
Is key to friend and foe…
So don’t you drive away deer
And don’t you scare the doe…

At times you will be tested
As once a time ago…
You wished you’d be the same
As all the deer you know…
But blessings in disguise
Are hard to spot although…
Quite soon enough they’ll realise
You are a ‘dear’ so “beau”

to the sweet white deer I spotted in the park that day, Subhan Allah forever and always


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