Day4: Swimming Swan ((5Days 5Photos Challenge))


As you lead the way in our harmonious swim, I look back at the day you were but a hatchling. A tiny fuzz of feathers so full of life. I remember your first swim, your hesitant paddles, and your tracing my every move. Today your confidence is gaining, and the clinging is waning, quite enough to speed the pace, leaving me behind; reassuringly there but independently flowing through the stream. I know you’re not that settled yet, gradually discovering the lake, carefully peeping over your wings to find me nearby.

A milestone for you but more so for mummy, as emotions beyond my words soar inside. They grow so fast, and Spring won’t last, feeling blissful beyond compare. I’m proud to call you my own, not mine to keep, but mine to hold in my heart and release in the wild, into the water, into the wind. I pray I never fail you, and never lose sight of the bounties of this blessing.

I’ll miss that grey ‘duckling’ never ugly in my sight, as joy and wonder takes me in the follow of your first white flight.


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