10 Tips to Brighten your Day ISA


We all know that “woke up on the wrong side of bed” feeling all too well. Maybe
it’s stress, a series of unfortunate events or just pure mood swings that take a toll on our day. Yet most of the time given the right outlook to life, we can make a turn around with “tawakol” at heart and asking Allah for the strength and guidance to see the yellow flowers when the sky is grey.

Here are some tips and habits:

1. Start with Fajr and Athkar: the chance to catch the dawn of day with spirits high will keep Shaytan away. Also the early bird gets the worm, or in this case; “barakah”.
2. Have a hearty breakfast: not necessarily calorific, but hearty as in try to take the time to join the family table for the first meal and first smiles before your 9 to 5 or school runs.
3. Use your ” inside voice”: this tip is for you mummies freaking out over those all too-relaxed time oblivious kids, because really yelling won’t get them going. When trying keep up to schedule for school just try to work out what really saves time (like prepacked backpacks from the night before) rather than stressing out over the little stuff. Watch how that Japanese got her kid ready to go in 5 mins, it’s mind blowing!
4. Smile: research suggests that even if it’s a forced grin, your brain responds to the face muscles eventually and actually releases endorphins, so turn that frown upside down 🙂
5. Learn something new: unlike dogs, we’re never really too old to learn new tricks. Be it an online course on whatever sparks your interest or fits your passion, try Lynda.com or Cousera. You may even join a baking class.
6. Your daily dose of Quran: believe in how the Holy book reconnects you with His words SWT and how your heart is softened and worries are lifted with His will inshaAllah
7. Keep in touch with friends: and I don’t mean browsing Facebook aimlessly… Get in touch on a personal level, whether out for a cuppa or in for a call. And no backbiting 😛
8. Chocolate: instant endorphins 😀
9. Fresh air: a walk in the park or a city by the sea, and even if it’s rainy just keep your umbrella at hand. The exercise, the beauty of nature….Subhan Allah
10. Astaghfirullah for the past, Alhamdulillah for the present,InshaAllah for the future ❤


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