World’s Toughest Job


Though I had anticipated that twist end half way through the video interviews;  it gas left me both tearful and thoughtful.  Perhaps if we take -not just motherhood, but parenting- as a serious job, we would be all the more willing to sort out our priorities.

True; not all mums are a fit example, yet ideally the very meaning of selflessness sinks in with this arrival of a little one. It is that moment that you realise that your success is in their footsteps. Early days are probably the toughest; sleep deprivation,  communication frustration and for those milk making, physical pain. Yet never has a career been as rewarding to go on and on through the entire age of humanity.

As much as I loved the video, I hate for such a role to be marketed for business gains in March while ignoring mothers all year long. I am humbled by how Allah -SWT- has reminded us of parents’ sacrifices in the Quran, and of how we would be forever indebted to this with gratitude and respect. It is a reciprocal link of family bonds that cannot and will not be commercially message on a single day annually.

From a Muslim viewpoint,  intention or “neyah” could be pivotal into turning those agonising routines into good deeds. “Raising a good Muslim” can be an all too deep goal, yet as effective management goes;  you just try to break it down to mini-tasks. Teaching, discipline,  feeding and clothing are practical practices to parenting;  yet more importantly love, confidence and treating those little people as independent individuals is what seperates parenting from pet keeping! Funny I should say that, but that’s what I believe where we sometimes go wrong with our children,  assuming that they “ours” to play with -as toys-  or as possessive love might entitle.

There will be days, hours and moments when I doubt and ask “who am I?”, or “what do I do for a living?”. Maintaining prayer, purpose and passion to be -not perfect- but just a doing okay mum.


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